Scheduling Request (Breif Overview)

You submit requests from the request window. The navigation path is as follows View > Request > Submit a new request > select the request > submit Alternatively there is a menu option in the navigator which can be draggged in the top ten region. The screeshots for the same are given below.

Screen 1 > View > Request > Submit a new request


Screen 2 > Specifying the request name and request submit


If you run a particular set of requests every day/week or month it is cumbersome and time consuming to go through the menu options and type in the parameters. To overcome this Oracle Applications provide the request scheduling feature. Any request which is submitted daily can be scheduled to run at periodic intervals.

As can be seen from the above screenshot(Screen 2), the “At These Times…” block contains Run the job field which contains the default parameter “ As Soon as Possible”. This is the default option for all requests which are not scheduled. To schedule a request click on the Schedule button as shown above. This gives the following screen with 4 options for running the job.


Screen 3 > Request scheduling options


The 4 options are described below

  • As Soon as Possible à (this is the default) Run immediately when submitted.
  • Once à You can specify a single date and time to run the request. This will run the request only once.
  • Periodically à This option can be used when you want to run the request periodically within a range of dates.You can specify a start and end date and time within which the request will run. The request ends after the last run on the end date. You can specify whether the request should run every 1,2….n days within the date parameters.
  • On Specific Days à This option can be used when you wan to run the request on specified days of the week or on specific days within 2 specified dates.

Whenever you schedule a request the status of the request is scheduled as given below:

  Screen 4 > Request status  
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