Keyboard Navigation


For Forms(only)

  • There are 2 modes in forms ‘entry mode' and 'query mode'. A form always opens in Entry mode(ready for data entry) The following tips help you navigate through forms with the keyboard

Keyboard navigation tips

  • F11 > To enter query mode
  • CTRL+F11 > To query all records. Records can be queried by entering partial data values with ‘%' as the wildcard. For e.g. entering Sog% in a field on a form queries all records starting with ‘Sog'
  • F6 > to clear the data entered in the form if you find you have made a mistake.
  • F4 > If you are in query mode(F11) pressing F4 will return you to entry mode. In entry mode pressing F4 will close all forms and return you to the navigator(main menu)
  • CTRL+F4 > To close the current open form. This is useful when many subforms are open and one needs to return to the base form

At any point in Oracle Application pressing CTRL-K gives the above information at a glance.

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